How to get a guy you want

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I can hear women talking about men like they would be some other species. Women would think that men are all the same or they are all cheaters, or nasty. But what are women like? Are they all the same? Are they all cheating or nasty? The answer is no. We will always meet people in our lives who will cheat or betray other´s loyalty. But we will also meet people, who are fair, honest and want to have and maintain a deep connection with someone they love. If you find a man like this, do not scare him off. Follow our manual and get him be yours.


  • Listen to him – sometimes men do not talk too much, but they might talk by acts. It is important, that you not only talk in a relationship, but you also listen, and you read all the men´s communication. Not only the spoken one.
  • Don´t overwhelm him – women can be too much sometimes. Men would pick up their phones and there is a text, a call and another text saying “why didn´t you call or text back?”. Back off please. Don´t look this desperate and wait for them to communicate with you.


  • Have yourself a life – Women with their own life and hobbies are sexy. They are sexy, because they are not available anytime. They are grown in their own way and they are not dependent on men´s lives. They still want someone to take care of them, but they are not desperate.
  • Surprise them being wild – You still can be very cute and sweet, but sometimes even a kitten must show their claws. You must be bold and wild in bed, but sweet and classy in day routine. Have you ever tried BDSM? Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, masochism. Do these words sound too much to you? Try bdsm prague massage, where you can very lightly try those practices with the man you want to have fun with. Our secret recommendation is, try both roles. Be a sexy dominant woman, but also let him take a control. This will drive him crazy!